We offer processing from raw fleece to carded batts, rovings, and corespun yarns.  Although we do not have the equipment to spin plyed yarn, we will be happy to refer you to regional mills who provide those services.


You must contact us to make a reservation for your fiber processing orders.  We do not have storage for large volumes of raw fiber, and will only accept fibers when we are ready to process them. 


Once you have your reservation, you can ship your fiber right away. Bags of fiber should include an order form (which we will provide) with details on the fleeces/fiber and your final product requests.  If you prefer to drop off your fiber at the mill, this is BY APPOINTMENT ONLY, as we do not have a storefront or regular business hours. We can pick up your fiber at some regional fiber festivals, or in Lewiston/Auburn or Winthrop, Maine by pre-arranged appointment only.

We will not accept fleece dropped off at the mill without a reservation.


We will inspect and weigh your raw fiber on intake, and send you an estimate for processing. If we need to additionally skirt your fleeces/fiber before processing, we will include that charge in the estimate.  

Once you receive our estimate, a 50% deposit is required before we will begin your order.  

We reserve the right to decline fleeces that are unsuitable for processing. This includes any fiber contaminated with excessive vegetable matter and/or the presence or damage from parasites, rodents, or moths. This policy protects our machines and saves you from paying for roving that is disappointing, unsuitable, or unusable.  If we cannot accept your fiber for processing, it can be returned at your expense or it will be discarded.


Quality fiber starts in your barnyard!  Protect your fiber from excessive hay and burdocks in the pastures while the animals are growing their fleeces.  Provide good health care and nutrition because it has a direct impact on the quality of the fleece they produce (and it’s the right thing to do as their caregivers.)  DO NOT BED YOUR FIBER ANIMALS ON SHAVINGS.  Shavings are nearly impossible to remove from their fleece.  We use sawdust underneath straw or waste hay in our barns.

At shearing, skirt well.  Remove fiber coated with manure or heavily embedded hay and put it in the compost pile.  Pick out every bit of hoof trimmings or foreign bodies from your fleece.  If undetected, these can badly damage our equipment.  If you need a lesson in skirting/preparing your fleece, we can make an appointment to help you.  (See pricing below.)  


If you have specific batch requests for your carded fiber, please package and label your bags/forms accordingly (ie, blending particular fleeces or fibers together, or requesting striped roving or gradient bumps.)


Raw Fleece to Carded Batts or Roving (includes scouring, picking and carding): $20/lb of incoming/raw weight, at 1/4 lb increments.  Minimum weight of 1 lb, minimum charge of 2 lbs.  (Small volumes take extra time!)  

Additional $2/lb for winding roving into bumps

Additional $2/lb for blending

Additional $3/lb for fine fleece

Additional $4/lb for super fine fleece (this needs special handling and very slow feeds)

Raw Fleece to Corespun Yarn (cotton core): $23/lb of incoming/raw weight, wound into 100-120 yard bumps

Additional $2/lb for blending or multiple colors

Additional $3/lb for fine fleece

Additional Skirting done after receiving your fiber: $25-50 per fleece.

Fiber Processing orders are all subject to a 6% Maine State Service Tax in addition to the above pricing.

Teaching skirting and other fleece preparation practices for Catawampus Farm’s Fiber Mill customers: Initial 20 min at no charge, longer or subsequent training at $25/hour, by appointment only.


All orders must be paid in full before leaving the Mill.  If not paid within 30 days of your final invoice, a 5% charge will be incurred at 30 day intervals.  After 90 days, if your invoice is still unpaid your processed fiber becomes the property of Catawampus Farm, LLC.

Your finished roving, batts or corespun yarn can be shipped (shipping will be added to your invoice,) or picked up at Catawampus Farm by appointment only.  You may also pre-arrange delivery to some regional fiber festivals.