Our fibers are carefully selected for minimal to no vegetable matter, softness and fiber quality.  As a handspinner, I enjoy selecting the wool which goes into our rovings and yarns.  The Jacob wool is from our own flock and other local Jacob breeders.  We also have a few Romney ewes, because I just loved their fleece so much they needed to come and live here!  Other breeds of wool in our shop are purchased from farms all over the state of Maine. I try to carry a variety of breeds in raw locks for sampling.  If you are looking for a particular breed, please let me know!  Many shepherds in Maine raise heritage breeds, so I may be able to find what you need.

Wools are sold as raw locks, washed locks and roving in our Etsy shop.  I can also shop for a specific whole fleece, if you have a special breed request.  Pre-orders in shearing season are offered at a significant discount and I travel to other farms and fiber festivals for purchasing.  Whole Jacob fleece is offered through our facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/CatawampusFarmandFiber.  Washing instructions for wool and mohair are available, if you have never washed raw fiber.  You can ask for a copy when you place your order.

Washed locks and dyed locks are also available.  I usually wash fleece in the cold weather.  Why?  Because I scour wool and mohair in our clawfoot tub.  Scouring takes very hot water to remove the grease and lanolin, filling the house with steam!  Nice in the winter, not so much in the summer.  Dyeing, on the other hand, I usually do in the warmer weather, because our dye kitchen isn’t heated.  Wool and mohair blend yarns are spun for us at local mills, then hand dyed here on the farm.