“Life’s too short for tiny needles and scratchy yarn!”

About Catawampus Farm

Catawampus Farm is run by a fiber addict and her patient spouse (who prefers woodworking). We raise Jacob sheep and naturally Colored  Angora Goats.  The animals produce lovely soft wool and mohair. We shear the goats twice a year, and the sheep each spring.  We process the fleece ourselves or at a small local spinning mill. All of our yarns and spinning fibers are made with hand-selected wool fleeces from our own flock or other small Maine farms.

We are members of the Colored Angora Goat Breeders Association and the Jacob Sheep Breeders Association

Forget any old concepts you may have of itchy mohair. Fine mohair is so silky and soft! It gives yarn a lovely halo, sheen, softness and strength. When blended with wool, I think it makes a perfect yarn which is soft, light and warm and wears well.

Spinning, knitting, weaving are all about fondling fiber, right? My philosophy: “Life’s too short for tiny needles and scratchy yarn!”