We started our does with old, foundation genetics in the colored angora goat world, picking some of the older bloodlines from Friend’s Folly Farm.  When CHF Sebastian arrived, our girls proved they would produce both color and pattern, from bucks in either pool.  Suddenly, we were getting reverse badger, then mantled and peacock patterns.  In the last few years, we added a few excellent quality AAGBA does, and also color carrying does with an AAGBA parent.  This cross with our old foundation colored angora genetics will add fine fiber to the future generations of “CWF” colored angora goats.  In 2017, I brought home four color factor daughters, two of them took first and second place white doelings in Rhinebeck under Dr. Speck’s judging.  The other two are lovely faded red does from Kid Hollow with fine fleece into adulthood, bred to the magnificent KHF John Lennon.  We also brought a surprise doeling back, full AGBA from Buckwheat Bridge.  It was quite a trip!